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landmark photography of Chichen Itza, Mexico 25 Another momentous night for Messi as a hat-trick in Barcelona’s 4-0 win over APOEL in Nicosia sees him surge clear of Raul in the all-time Champions League scoring charts with 74 goals. The Attorney General of Pennsylvania Josh Shapiro, who is a Democrat, has sparked outrage after suggesting on Twitter that President Trump may have lost the ability to win the crucial swing state, with 20 electoral votes, more than 24 hours before the polls even close. Meanwhile, First Lady Melania Trump cast her vote in the 2020 election Tuesday morning, arriving at a polling station in Trumps’ home state of Florida, one of several key swing states. His tweet came amid intense focus on Pennsylvania – a state that could put rival Joe Biden over the edge in securing the needed 270 electoral votes to capture the presidency, if he holds Hillary Clinton’s states and recaptures midwest battlegrounds where he is leading in the polls. In a stunning public statement by a sitting president, Trump said the decision by the high court will ‘induce violence in the streets.’ The tweet came amid preparations at the White House and in Washington for potential blowback in the event of a contested election.

The president made the claim in a tweet Monday, just hours before the first in-person election day votes were to be cast, after suffering a legal setback in the Keystone State days ago. Democratic Gov. Tom Wolf is telling voters in his state it may take ‘even a few days’ to count their votes in a new public service-style ad – as the looming legal battle over the count there takes on a new PR dimension. He claims to read the Bible for three hours a week, saying it takes him about 85 hours from cover to cover. El Tri takes pride in it’s traditional green jersey. We got a very horrible, horrible ruling from the Supreme Court of the United States, mexico 1998 jersey he told supporters in Kenosha. Because you’re going to have one or two or three states, depending on how it ends up, where they’re tabulating ballots and the rest of the world is waiting to find out. One experience that stands out for him came when he was at a preparatory school in Massachusetts. Fork out thousands for tickets to beat tomorrow’s 4am red list deadline. Music fans in the Big Apple were told to stay home from Governors Ball, fearing lightning could hit the arena on Randall’s Island.

Germany, France and Belgium have been hit by severe storms in recent days which have left 16 people dead. And he blasted the Supreme Court for refusing to revisit a 4-4 decision that allows county officials to count votes postmarked by Election Day for three days afterward. If all the votes are added up in PA, Trump is going to lose,’ Shapiro wrote on Twitter on Monday evening. Logan Dobson, a Republican pollster, wrote on Twitter. He also indicated in his most direct terms he will be dispatching lawyers to the state, perhaps in hope of getting another chance at a ruling now that new Justice Amy Coney Barrett has joined the court. They’ll do something. And lawyers will be going in and they’ll be fighting,’ Trump said. They will then send a report to the commanding unit, which will become public after 90 days. And you could have the nicest facility with the nicest equipment and toys and games, but if you don’t have that parent, if you don’t have that caring adult that can buffer the stress that these kids feel, then you’re taking away the basic science of what we know helps pediatrics.

Now, I don’t know if that’s going to be changed, because we’re going to go in night of, as soon as that election is over, we’re going in with our lawyers,’ Trump vowed. You know we have a date it’s called November third. He also called it a ‘political decision,’ and indicated some hesitation about attacking the court publicly, although he has done so on prior rulings against him. Other decisions, including one in battleground Wisconsin, have gone Trump’s way, while a Texas court ruled against conservative activists in Texas. Still, unlike the older dial-up technology, it uses dedicated, higher frequency bands than phone lines, so you can still make calls while you’re online. CNN reports it will air Election Day through the final count – after the Supreme Court ruled Pennsylvania can continue counting mail ballots for three days after Election Day. Because of the coronavirus, there were millions of votes cast by mail so it may take longer than usual to count every vote,’ he says in a new ad for the nonpartisan group, The Voter Project. It may take longer than usual to count every vote,’ Pennsylvania Gov.