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The canisters were put into a cobalt-blue-and-white ceramic bowl made by a local artist and stirred around. Democratic Gov. Earl Ray Tomblin traveled in May to Japan along with state and local economic-development officials. Republican Gov. Bill Haslam took a weeklong trade trip to Japan and South Korea in June 2014. His administration declined at the time to identify the companies with which he met, drawing criticism from a tea party leader and government watchdog group. The trip to Japan was touted as a way to strengthen ties. All were touted as ways to attract foreign investment to Wisconsin, although there have been no immediate results. But efforts to bring nonstop flights to Nashville have not yet borne fruit. Among other things, the trip is meant to highlight new nonstop commercial flights between Salt Lake City and Amsterdam. The London trip cost the state $138,200. He led a trade trip to London in February and took a trip to Germany, Spain and France in April. He didn’t even mind that Brazil was playing Mexico at exactly the same time as France was training at Botafogo’s Santa Cruz stadium in Ribeirao Preto. Tomblin also led a trade delegation to Brazil last November that cost the state $42,173.

Last week: Jared Wolfe won the Wichita Open. The five-year plan would open 90 percent of the nation’s offshore reserves to development by private companies, Zinke said, with 47 leases proposed off the nation’s coastlines from 2019 to 2024. Nineteen sales would be off Alaska, 12 in the Gulf of Mexico, nine in the Atlantic and seven in the Pacific, including six off California. Private Isaac Deleon, from Texas, was the youngest to die at age 19 and had also only served for around seven months at the time of the accident. Those were paid for by a political nonprofit Perry founded, as well as TexasOne, a public-private partnership that acts like a quasi-state agency but relies on private donors rather than state money. The state paid $7,340, while an additional $6,480 was covered by participant fees and private donors, including Microsoft. The goal was to find more foreign investors for northern Vermont development projects – including those headed by Jay Peak – in exchange for immigration privileges. Rick Perry, who traveled widely overseas to recruit businesses to Texas, including visits to Switzerland, Japan, China and England last year.

Haley led trade trips to Canada in spring 2014. To her parents’ native country of India last November. Costs have not yet been released for the other trips. If you don’t have that top-tier Fios plan, you could also avoid that monthly charge by buying the Fios Router outright for $300 or by using your own router. Through this program, customers might be able to save $20 a month on Fios plans. All other Verizon Fios customers will be charged an additional $15 a month for a router. Democratic Gov. Terry McAuliffe traveled this month on a six-country European tour – highlighted by the Paris Air Show – estimated to cost taxpayers more than $176,000. He traveled in July 2014 to the Farnborough Air Show in the United Kingdom and to China, where a paper company had announced plans to build a $2 billion facility in Virginia, employing up to 2,000 people. As for CenturyLink, the company doesn’t enforce a data cap at all, so you can surf, stream and download to your heart’s content without fear of incurring extra charges.

Strong global economic growth and good prospects for higher company earnings have analysts predicting more gains, although the market may not stay as calm as it has been recently. Music fans in the Big Apple were told to stay home from Governors Ball, fearing lightning could hit the arena on Randall’s Island. His administration has said the traveling is worth the cost: “These trips are the way you close deals,” McAuliffe told the AP in Paris: He is planning a trip to Israel and India in October and has said he will visit Cuba later this year. “He showed me Warner’s jersey with his signature and told me a story about how Warner was surprised that he was in possession of the item,” Palafox said. Cuauhtemoc Blanco was one of the stars who added his own eccentric flair to this already eccentric jersey. Republican Gov. Greg Abbott, who took office in January, has no trips abroad planned yet. She has no trade trips planned. Republican Gov. Dennis Daugaard led a trade delegation to China in May 2014 for the third consecutive year. KIEV, Ukraine (AP) – On Friday, Ukraine will sign a sweeping economic and trade agreement with the European Union, a 1,200-page telephone book of a document crammed with rules on everything from turkeys to tulips, cheese to machinery.