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COLORADO: 23 deaths per 100,000: Total deaths: 1,352. Total cases: 24,565. After a month-long “stay-at-home” order, the state moved to a looser “safer-at-home” order on April 27 that phases in activities, while still barring gatherings of 10 or more and requiring residents to stay within 10 miles (16 km) of home. FLORIDA: 11 deaths per 100,000: Total deaths: 2,319. Total cases: 52,634. The expiration of the state’s stay-at-home order on May 4 enabled most counties to reopen businesses, including retailers, dine-in restaurants, personal care services and gyms. IDAHO: 4 deaths per 100,000. Total deaths: 79. Total cases: 2,699. The state began its incremental reopening on May 1, the day after its stay-at-home order expired, by allowing places of worship to operate. CONNECTICUT: 106 deaths per 100,000. Total deaths: 3,769. Total cases: 41,303. Two months after issuing a stay-home order, the state, among the country’s hardest hit, began loosening commercial restrictions on May 20. With restrictions, the new order allows offices to reopen, stores to allow onsite shopping and restaurants to offer outdoor table service.

Non-essential retailers, including barber shops, reopened on May 8 and dine-in service at restaurants reopened on May 11. ARKANSAS: 4 deaths per 100,000. Total deaths: 119. Total cases: 6,180. The state responded to the outbreak in March with piecemeal measures, not a sweeping shutdown, and is now relaxing them. The U.S. and Europe have already sanctioned Russian individuals and entities, including some with close ties to Putin, but have so far stayed away from the broader penalties, in part because of concern from European countries that have close economic ties with Russia. The grim milestone is by far the largest of any country, although by population, several Western European countries, led by Belgium, have much higher death rates. HAWAII: 1 death per 100,000. Total deaths: 17. Total cases: 643. The state, which relies heavily on tourism, requires all visitors arriving on the islands through June 30 to self-quarantine for 14 days. ALASKA: 1 death per 100,000. Total deaths: 10. Total cases: 411. On May 8, the state entered the second phase of a five-step reopening process that allows offices, restaurants, swimming pools, personal care and other retail businesses to operate at 50% of capacity, and bars, gyms and theaters to operate at 25% of capacity.

Large venue businesses, including theaters and zoos, were allowed to open on May 20, and bars were set to resume business on May 28. Gatherings of more than 10 people remain banned through May 27. KANSAS: 6 deaths per 100,000. Total deaths: 205. Total cases: 9,337. The state has been in a phased reopening since May 4 when Governor Laura Kelly’s earlier stay-at-home order expired. Conley finds his travels more rewarding if he can offer gifts to those who act particularly friendly or helpful, be it with directions, ordering food or navigating language barriers. Though Teddi Mellencamp, who has left Real Housewives Of Beverly Hills, won’t be a part of the Real Housewives All Stars roundup, mexico black jersey she was seen in a tropical setting on Tuesday. Luann was then seen on Tuesday in a blue. Sailing away: Luann was then seen on Tuesday in a blue. Luann was the first to post a bikini image.

White striped bikini as she wore an anklet. She called herself ‘timeless’ in her ‘classic’ white bikini. Sunglasses as she flashed a white manicure. Some of the 73 students, wearing white and black uniforms and carrying book bags, bowed their heads as they cried and walked slowly from a bus to the school entrance. The largest-sized house the show could book is seven bedrooms due to COVID protocols,’ a source explained. Schools in Brazil also pushed winter break forward to coincide with the World Cup, as the drop-off and pick-up of school children is a major source of traffic jams. But a backlash is mounting, fueled by reports of children being taken from mothers and distraught toddlers and elementary school age children asking, through tears, when they can see their parents. Xfinity certainly features some of the greatest variety of plans from which to choose, and it can boast the fastest plan for residential homes with its Gigabit Pro offering. The two providers are comparably priced at the high end, with gigabit or near-gigabit speed plans typically running for about $80 per month. Through this program, customers might be able to save $20 a month on Fios plans.