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18 Ronaldo’s 10th-minute opener at Real Betis sparks a goal rush as Real win 5-0 and reach the 50-point mark in La Liga. 26 Ronaldo moves to 71 goals in the competition by netting the winner in Real’s 1-0 win over Basle. He is polling ahead of Trump, averaging 6.8% over M.J. Polling has been relatively scarce in this tiny state with the three most recent polls all suggesting a close race, with Bullock either behind Daines by three points, tied, or ahead by one. Four ticket holders – in Florida, Kentucky, New Jersey and South Carolina – were just one red Powerball away from winning the jackpot. Comcast Xfinity averaged an overall score of 726 out of 1,000 across four separate regions. Poland joined the European Union in 2004 and is now roughly four times richer than Ukraine, measured in economic output per person. Power US Residential Internet Service Provider Customer Satisfaction Study for multiple years since it launched in 2004 — but it’s only available in eight states and the District of Columbia.

Holtec officials have argued that the waste could remain the property of the power plants and that its operation would be among the world’s safest, most secure storage facilities. Another company also has applied for a license to build a similar storage facility in West Texas. If Cornyn lost, mexico jersey 2020 it would be a sign that Texas is officially a purple state. In the Senate, John Cornyn is looking for a fourth term as a Republican. Also in play here is the Senate seat to which Martha McSally was appointed: that held by John McCain. For most of the race, however, Trump has been more solidly ahead, with a poll here and there showing the state going blue. Suggest that Arizona is not just purple but trending blue. But last-minute absentee ballots could take several days to be tabulated with Thursday or Friday thought to be realistic.Biden has been several points ahead of Trump in Arizona polls for months, but a Trafalgar Group survey and a Rasmussen poll showed Trump 3 and 4 points ahead in late October, potentially indicating a narrowing of the race.

The number of outstanding absentee ballots will be reported on election night, meaning number crunchers will be able to determine if there are enough outstanding ballots to sway the presidential race. The state is anticipating the first precinct reporting numbers by about 10PM. Early and absentee ballots that were cast by the weekend will have been pre-counted and those results will be announced rapidly. OTHERS: Safe states including New York are likely to be called rapidly from 9pm to 10pm. Biden’s numbers will go up more than Trump’s at this point thanks to New York’s 29 electors, and Illinois’ 20. By shortly after 9PM both campaigns are likely to have more than 100 electoral college votes in their column. OTHERS: The Associated Press, Reuters and TV networks are likely to start a rapid-fire declaration of likely winners in a series of states soon after 8pm – but it is only likely to already be considered safely Republican or Democratic already. The state was allowed to start processing mail-in ballots on October 19. Additionally, after court challenges, mail-in ballots had to be returned by the time polls close – not just in the mail. 10 years. It also would provide resources for more judges, support staff and technology to address the backlog in processing asylum seekers.

Florida is used to processing large numbers of mail-in ballots. People along the Gulf Coast kept a watchful eye on a system over the Caribbean Sea that was forecast to bring five to 10 inches of rain to parts of Florida. Remaining polls, those in Central Time in the Panhandle, close in Florida. Most polls close in Texas and Michigan. Texas allowed mail-in votes to be counted before election day, so the Lone Star state is expecting to know those results, as well as in-person voting on election night. TEXAS – TRUMP WON IN 2016, REPUBLICANS DEFENDING ONE SENATE SEATIt is possible that exit polling from Texas will give some indication of the race there as it closes completely. Both Republican incumbents have faced probes into possible insider trading – of which they were cleared – but realistically, both races are likely to become a January runoff which could determine who controls the Senate. But there are two other races which could shape the senate. Cutting its dividend by two thirds. Georgia is expected to take about two hours to start reporting results.