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The Real Clear Politics polling average gives Trump a 1.2 point advantage in the historically red state. Polls close in California and Washington state and Pacific Time polls close in Oregon and Idaho. Mountain time polls close in Idaho and Oregon. Without any cable infrastructure whatsoever, Verizon is much more dependent on fiber deployments, with max download speeds of 940Mbps available for 64% of its customers as of June 2020. Fiber is much better than cable at handling uploads, too, so Verizon Fios customers can expect high upload speeds that match their download speeds, or that come close. OTHERS: Safe states including New York are likely to be called rapidly from 9pm to 10pm. Biden’s numbers will go up more than Trump’s at this point thanks to New York’s 29 electors, and Illinois’ 20. By shortly after 9PM both campaigns are likely to have more than 100 electoral college votes in their column.

For most of the race, however, Trump has been more solidly ahead, with a poll here and there showing the state going blue. The state was allowed to start processing mail-in ballots on October 19. Additionally, after court challenges, mail-in ballots had to be returned by the time polls close – not just in the mail. Polls close in Iowa, Montana, mexico black jersey Nevada and Utah. Polls have never shown Trump in front of Biden, though the president has made a play for the blue state anyway, suggesting its demographics are similar to Michigan, Wisconsin and Pennsylvania, which won him the White House in 2016. The Real Clear Politics polling average has Biden ahead by 4.3 points. Texas allowed mail-in votes to be counted before election day, so the Lone Star state is expecting to know those results, as well as in-person voting on election night. Alabama says to expect all results on election night. They can then start counting ballots cast on election day. Georgia is expected to take about two hours to start reporting results.

OTHERS: The Associated Press, Reuters and TV networks are likely to start a rapid-fire declaration of likely winners in a series of states soon after 8pm – but it is only likely to already be considered safely Republican or Democratic already. But a close race will slow the Associated Press, Reuters and TV networks’ ability to call the race. The number of outstanding absentee ballots will be reported on election night, meaning number crunchers will be able to determine if there are enough outstanding ballots to sway the presidential race. The state is anticipating the first precinct reporting numbers by about 10PM. Early and absentee ballots that were cast by the weekend will have been pre-counted and those results will be announced rapidly. Ballots cast on election day are also expected to come in Tuesday night – the state historically counts quickly. First results could be announced as early as 8pm. Counties are required to announce the results of all absentee ballots received by Election Day and all early votes. But last-minute absentee ballots could take several days to be tabulated with Thursday or Friday thought to be realistic.Biden has been several points ahead of Trump in Arizona polls for months, but a Trafalgar Group survey and a Rasmussen poll showed Trump 3 and 4 points ahead in late October, potentially indicating a narrowing of the race.

Warnock needs 50% for an outright win, or the race goes to a top-two run-off. See it diminished as the night goes on. These will be updated through the night. TEXAS – TRUMP WON IN 2016, REPUBLICANS DEFENDING ONE SENATE SEATIt is possible that exit polling from Texas will give some indication of the race there as it closes completely. Late-breaking polls in Ohio gave Trump a slim advantage in the state he won over Clinton in 2016, but that President Barack Obama and Vice President Biden carried in 2008 and 2012. The Real Clear Politics polling average shows Trump 1.4 points ahead. If Cornyn lost, it would be a sign that Texas is officially a purple state. In the Senate, John Cornyn is looking for a fourth term as a Republican. Limited polling has given the Republican an 11-point lead in October. He has just a 1 point lead in the Real Clear Politics polling average in Trump’s adopted home state. Throughout his campaign – and especially in his Republican convention speech in July – Trump described a dark America that had been knocked to its knees by China, Mexico, Russia and Islamic State.