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OTHERS: Safe states including New York are likely to be called rapidly from 9pm to 10pm. Biden’s numbers will go up more than Trump’s at this point thanks to New York’s 29 electors, and Illinois’ 20. By shortly after 9PM both campaigns are likely to have more than 100 electoral college votes in their column. He has just a 1 point lead in the Real Clear Politics polling average in Trump’s adopted home state. Polls show an extremely tight race with Trump ahead by .2 per cent in the Real Clear Politics polling average . Late-breaking polls in Ohio gave Trump a slim advantage in the state he won over Clinton in 2016, but that President Barack Obama and Vice President Biden carried in 2008 and 2012. The Real Clear Politics polling average shows Trump 1.4 points ahead. The Real Clear Politics polling average gives Trump a 1.2 point advantage in the historically red state. The Real Clear Politics polling average has Trump a tiny .5 per cent ahead. 16 Even in Ronaldo’s absence, Real Madrid win the Clasico Copa del Rey final 2-1. The game at the Mestalla in Valencia is settled five minutes from time as Gareth Bale sprints the length of the Barcelona half to score a stunning winner.

Biden’s campaign believes it can flip Ohio, despite it having gone to Trump by 8.3% in 2016. Its Republican governor predicts an ultra-narrow Trump win. Trump won the state in 2016. An Emerson poll that ended surveying on October 30 shows the candidates tied. Two polls – an Emerson and a Quinnipiac survey – from October showed the candidates tied. Polls in North Carolina have flipped repeatedly between Trump and Biden. EXIT POLLS: Polls covering swing states of North Carolina and Ohio can be expected now. The state was allowed to start processing mail-in ballots on October 19. Additionally, after court challenges, mail-in ballots had to be returned by the time polls close – not just in the mail. Texas allowed mail-in votes to be counted before election day, so the Lone Star state is expecting to know those results, as well as in-person voting on election night. The number of outstanding absentee ballots will be reported on election night, meaning number crunchers will be able to determine if there are enough outstanding ballots to sway the presidential race. It took Trump, 70, little more than 10 months to vanquish 16 other Republican candidates and win the party’s nomination, becoming the first major party nominee without government experience since General Dwight Eisenhower in the 1950s. He drew a record number of votes in primary contests but in so doing created a rift in the Republican Party.

2004-06 MEXICO SHIRT M Football / Soccer International Teams North & South America Mexico ... In 2016, the winner was declared just after midnight – Trump took the state by nine points. At the peak of Biden’s support, in mid-October, he was just 2 points ahead. Graham has been ahead in the three most recent polls by between three and six points but Harrison has out fundraised him by tens of millions of dollars and there has been too little polling to be sure that Graham is safely ahead. Elena Aberghini, 26, said she had been sad to end her holiday early and said there had been an anxious wait to see if they could get on the British Airways flight. ‘I just don’t get it why Mexico has been singled out. CK: ABA Sport is known most widely in the UK for being the brand behind one of the most famous World Cup jerseys, the 1998 Mexico national team jersey. He was controversially awarded the Golden Ball for being the tournament’s best players, ahead of Thomas Muller and Arjen Robben. Meanwhile, CenturyLink doesn’t enforce contracts at all.

Germany, meanwhile, had topped Group E, with the Republic of Ireland as runners-up. DUBAI, United Arab Emirates (AP) – As nationwide protests have shaken Iran over the last week, the Islamic Republic increasingly has blamed its foreign foes for fomenting the unrest. In his book, which will be released next week, Shulman describes first contacting his mother after watching a TV commercial aimed at ‘finding loved ones’. Webb, a Cayman Islands citizen who has been released on bail and is largely restricted to his home in Stone Mountain, Georgia, pleaded guilty to racketeering conspiracy, three counts of wire fraud conspiracy and three counts of money laundering conspiracy. The Senate race is equally close fought, with Republican Thom Tillis hoping to hang on but Democrat Cal Cunningham up 2.2% in recent averages despite admitting to sexting a woman who was not his wife. But there are two other races which could shape the senate. Unusually, the other Senate seat is also in play, Republican David Perdue is running for anther term and may be in trouble with Democrat Jon Ossoff up 0.7% on average in a formerly safely Republican state.