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Behind the Lens: Photographing the President in 50 States - Meanwhile, the House is expected to remain under Democratic control. Both Biden and Donald Trump have been eyeing Pennsylvania as one of the key swing states in the White House race. Control of the Senate is at stake, too: Democrats needed to net three seats if Biden captures the White House to gain control of all of Washington for the first time in a decade. The extraordinary tweet, which Twitter slapped a warning label on, came amid preparations at the White House and in Washington for potential blowback in the event of a contested election. Also, a Verizon spokesperson told CNET regarding potential rate changes that “there’s no timetable for changing rates and if/when we should do so, all changes are clearly communicated to customers in advance,” with 30 days’ notice as a minimum lead time. Trump was referencing a Supreme Court decision allowing the state to count mail-in ballots for three days after election day. Some Pennsylvania counties also plan to count in-person Election Day votes first – this could give Trump a perceived edge in the state, only for later ballots to move the count toward Biden. Trump has also focused heavily on drumming up support in the state.

Democrats – as well as pollsters – believe the outcome of the state could dictate the entire race. Harris is spending the last day of the race visiting Detroit, a predominantly black city in battleground state Michigan. Biden has visited the state more times than any other battleground state during his campaign trail. Biden entered election day with multiple paths to victory while Trump, playing catch-up in a number of battleground states, had a narrower but still feasible road to clinch 270 electoral college votes. Trump, who has previously refused to say he will accept the election results, said he would declare victory ‘only when there’s victory,’ following reports he might do so Tuesday night even as votes are still coming in. Based on Trump’s notion, I’m going to declare victory tonight,’ he quipped. Democrats are thought to be more likely to vote by mail-in voting given Trump’s constant rhetoric that the process is ‘rigged’.

These are the only two of my grandchildren who have never been to Scranton. Biden’s Tuesday morning visit to his son’s grave kicked off election day for the Democratic hopeful, who currently leads Trump in the polls. After his final push in Pennsylvania, Biden will return to Wilmington where he and vice presidential candidate Kamala Harris will watch the results come in Tuesday night and deliver their election night remarks. Sailing away: Luann was then seen on Tuesday in a blue. Biden then left Delaware to head to his home town of Scranton in Pennsylvania before he will later head on to Philadelphia. Then he referenced scoring a unanimous 5-0 vote in the tiny New Hampshire town of Dixville Notch, and turned it into a dig at his rival. Ronaldo opens the scoring in Real’s 5-0 rout of Rayo Vallecano, meaning he equals Messi’s record of scoring in 10 consecutive matches in all competitions. 10 Messi opens up some breathing space in that particular contest by opening the scoring in a 3-1 win over PSG. 11 With Ronaldo’s suspension not applicable to Cup matches, he scores two penalties in Real’s semi-final, second leg win over Atletico Madrid. Polls put him between 34 and 46 per cent, not enough for a knockout, while who between Collins and Loeffler is in second place is unclear.

Trump won the state by less than a point over Hillary Clinton back in 2016 however the latest polls show Biden is ahead by around 5 points. And Florida is still braced for the worst, as the National Hurricane Center says Colin has formed in the Gulf of Mexico and is predicted to land in the state on Monday. Under state law, election officials cannot start counting mail-in ballots until election day. I’d like to find out on November 3, the end of the evening, or late into the morning whenever, who won the election. VALENCIA, Spain (AP) – An aid group’s ship and two Italian military vessels docked Sunday at the Spanish port of Valencia, ending a weeklong ordeal for hundreds of people who were rescued from the Mediterranean Sea only to become pawns in a European political fight. On his arrival in his hometown, Biden spoke to a local carpenters’ union, grabbing a megaphone to address about 50 people who were there. Thank you, thank you, thank you,’ he shouted through a megaphone.